I'm the Managing Editor of InVision's design publication, Inside Design, and publish two weekly newsletters: Coolfunreads and Telavegan.

I write essaysbook reviews, and advice columns.

I give talks about writing, freelancing, and personal branding.

I live and work in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Gif by Pablo Stanley

More about me for the people who scrolled this far:

• I'm vegan and have two dogs whom I love with my whole dang being

• My favorite book is The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

• My favorite poem is Adam and Eve by Tony Hoagland

• My favorite food is a (freshly!!!!) toasted sesame bagel with tofu scallion cream cheese

• Iced coffee season is every season

• Ban the word "very"

• Before InVision, I was the creative director of a startup that is no longer in existence

• Before that, I was an all-purpose creative marketing freelancer for four years

• I have a BA in creative writing from the University of Maryland

• I live in Tel Aviv, but I've also lived in Carmiel, New York, and the desert. I studied abroad in Sydney and Haifa

• Saltwater cures everything (sweat, tears, the sea, a gargle for your scratchy throat)